About Us

Who We Are
“KIDZ FUNTOWN’ is owned and operated by Truong and Thuy Pham.  Truong is an Edmond native, and Thuy grew up in Roanoke, VA.  They have lived the past ten years together in Roanoke, where they developed their careers professionally and expanded their family with the addition of a baby girl (Hannah) in 2013. With all of Truong’s family in Oklahoma, there were many trips between Roanoke and Edmond for holidays and family visits.  In the past year, Truong and Thuy realized the wonderful things Edmond has to offer a growing family, so they made the decision to move to Edmond permanently.  Just as family and career are important to Truong and Thuy, friendship and community are equally important. Throughout their lives, they have made a lot of long-lasting friendships through faith, fun and fellowship, and that is something they wanted to bring to Edmond.  In addition to their own daughter, Truong and Thuy have 21 nieces and nephews and many honorary nieces/nephews ( i.e friends’ kids) with whom they try and spend quality time year-round.  Not only are Truong and Thuy wonderful role models for these children, but they also provide opportunities for each of them to have fun and just be a kid.  Truong and Thuy have a strong belief that every child deserves to enjoy life and to be loved, as God intended.

For years, Truong and Thuy have understood  the importance of good fellowship and a strong community. They know it can make the biggest difference in one person’s life, as their community of friendship did back in Roanoke. They created a fun environment right here in Edmond, OK for parents and kids to come together and begin new and lasting friendships.  Their wish for everyone who walks through the doors at ‘KIDZ FUNTOWN’ is to know that you will be welcome into a safe and fun environment where they are here to serve and support you.